eWINE at the MAKI workshop

Our colleague Eli De Poorter presented the topic “Applied Machine Learning for Wireless System Optimization” at the MAKI workshop in Darmstadt, which discussed how wireless machine learning is transitioning from protocol level optimization to full system understanding and optimization. The presentation included several examples from the eWINE project, including eWINE solutions that allow experimenters to

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eWINE project’ demo will be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2018.

The demo “5G Mobile Edge Cloud with Mixed Numerologies for Industrial Control Applications” consists of the “Frame-by-frame reconfiguration of the flexible GFDM PHY” developed under the ORCA project and the flexible PHY software component developed in the eWINE project. TUD team will present the demo consisting of two users and an intelligent base station equipped

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GFDM transceiver video tutorial

The video tutorial provides a brief presentation on how to configure the GFDM flexible PHY transceiver in LabVIEW Communications Design Suite 2.0. It is expected that the user have some previous basic knowledge about the LabVIEW environment and programming. Further information can be found in the documentation in the link below. Documentation:

eWINE at the GeoIT Wherecamp Conference

Ivan Azcarate (student research assistant at TUB) will, on behalf of Filip Lemic (research assistant at TUB), give a talk at the GeoIT Wherecamp Conference on Nov 30, 2017. The talk will discuss the design, implementation, and evaluation of a middleware architecture for standardized and seamless provisioning of location information to the consuming applications based on their requirements and

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