Scientific publications

This page shows the accepted scientific papers related to the eWINE project:

  • Klemen Bregar and Mihael Mohorčič, “Improving Indoor Localization Using Convolutional Neural Networks on Computationally Restricted Devices” (PDF available here), IEEE access, ISSN 2169-3536, 2018, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2018.2817800.
  • Suzan Bayhan, Anatolij Zubow, and Adam Wolisz. “Coexistence Gaps in Space via Interference Nulling for LTE-U/WiFi Coexistence” (PDF available here). WoWMoM 2018, June 12-15, 2018, Chania, Greece
  • Elma Birparić, Andrej Hrovat, Tomaž Javornik. “Comparison of cooperative and non-cooperative algorithm”, Proceedings of the Twenty-sixth International Electrotechnical and Computer Science Conference ERK 2017, Portorož, Slovenija, 25. – 26. september 2017
  • Tomaž Javornik, Andrej Hrovat. “Cooperative localization in wireless sensor networks”, Proceedings, Seminar on Radio Communications 2018, Ljubljana, 31 January to 2 February 2018
  • Tomaž Javornik, Andrej Hrovat, Mihael Mohorčič, Klemen Bregar . “NLOS channel detection with multilayer perceptron in low-rate personal area networks for indoor localization accuracy improvement”, (European cooperation in science and technology, CA15104 TD(17)04050), 20
  • Wei Liu, Merima Kulin, Tarik Kazaz, Adnan Shahid, Ingrid Moerman and Eli De Poorter, “Wireless Technology Recognition Based on RSSI Distribution at Sub-Nyquist Sampling Rate for Constrained Devices (PDF available here)”, Sensors, 2017
  • Vasilis Maglogiannis, Dries Naudts, Adnan Shahid, Spilios Giannoulis, Eric Laermans and Ingrid Moerman, “Cooperation Techniques between LTE in Unlicensed Spectrum and Wi-Fi towards Fair Spectral Efficiency” (PDF available here), Sensors, 2017
  • Michael Tetemke Mehari, Adnan Shahid, Ingrid Moerman and Eli De Poorter, “Demo Abstract: An Intuitive Drag and Drop Framework for Wireless Network Experimentation” (PDF available here), ACM SenSys 2017 Conference, Delft, The Netherlands, November 2017
  • Ahmed Selim, Francisco Paisana, Jerome A. Arokkiam, Yi Zhang, Linda Doyle and Luiz A. DaSilva, “Spectrum Monitoring for Radar Bands using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks”, IEEE GLOBECOM 2017 conference (4-8 December, 2017, Singapore)
  • Eli De Poorter, Jeroen Hoebeke, Matthias Strobbe, Ingrid Moerman, Steven Latré, Maarten Weyn, Bart Lannoo and Jeroen Famaey, “Sub-GHz LPWAN Network Coexistence, Management and Virtualization: An Overview and Open Research Challenges” (PDF available here). Wireless Personal Communications, June 2017. doi:10.1007/s11277-017-4419-5.
  • T. Šolc, T. Gale and C. Fortuna, “Optimization of Ultra-Narrowband Wireless Communication: an Experimental Case Study”. CNERT 17 conference, co-located with Infocom 2017, May 1-5, Atlanta, Georgia.